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Published on August 19, 2013 By Anti-Malware Admin

I have had quite a few WordPress users having trouble with plugin upgrades or re-installing plugin that were not completely removed. The problem is that sometime WordPress will not remove the main folder for a plugin that is being upgraded or removed but it will remove all the contents of the folder. So then WordPress does not see that the plugin is installed but it cannot create the directory structure to reinstall it either.

The only thing you can do then is to login to your server via FTP (or a file manager in your hosting control panel) and delete the directory so that it can be re-installed. But for some people that just isn't so easy to get to. So I created this little helper plugin to force the deletion of any plugin's main directory and all of it's contents before upgrading or installing another version of that plugin. It's still under development and I would not recommend installing all your plugins with this one activated, but if you are have trouble upgrading a plugin because the destination directory already exists then this will probably help.

You can download the BETA vesion of this plugin here

Good Luck!

Eli Scheetz

New scan engine that works better on large file systems

Published on October 6, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

I released the new scan engine in version today. This is the scan process that I've had available as a BETA for a couple months but it was not ready for release until now. It take longer because it breaks the scan into smaller processes that complete independently of the scan initiation process. This has a better success rate (especially on server with lots of files or minimal memory) and allows for better error handling.

So there are now two types of scans:

  • Quick Scan - Good for small file systems, fast servers, or sites that have post restriction.
  • Complete Scan - Good for large file systems, servers with irregular permission issues, or low memory allocation.

The Automatic Fix process and File Viewer have been improved too. It loads nicer now and you can move this new pop-up window around on the page :-) .

Please give me feedback on these new features and scan options.

Eli Scheetz

New Scan Process for Large Filesystems in BETA Release

Published on July 31, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

I have written a new scan engine to address the problem of hanging on large scans. This new process leverages dynamic JavaScript includes to break the scan job into smaller pieces that your server can handle more easily. For most people with the hanging scan problem this new version works great but I have seen one site with over 100,000 files where the heavy JavaScript caused the client's browser to crash. So, this update is not for everyone. This plugin now has over 10,000 downloads and I don't want to release a questionable update on so many people. I will continue to work on it for a future release but it will only be available upon request until I have it working better. If your scans are hanging up before reaching 100% then contact me and I'll get you the BETA.

Keeping this plugin cutting-edge with new features and up-to-date with the latest definitions for removing new threats is a lot of work. Please make a donation to support my continued development and enhancement of this plugin.

Eli Scheetz