New scan engine that works better on large file systems

I released the new scan engine in version today. This is the scan process that I've had available as a BETA for a couple months but it was not ready for release until now. It take longer because it breaks the scan into smaller processes that complete independently of the scan initiation process. This has a better success rate (especially on server with lots of files or minimal memory) and allows for better error handling.

So there are now two types of scans:

  • Quick Scan - Good for small file systems, fast servers, or sites that have post restriction.
  • Complete Scan - Good for large file systems, servers with irregular permission issues, or low memory allocation.

The Automatic Fix process and File Viewer have been improved too. It loads nicer now and you can move this new pop-up window around on the page :-) .

Please give me feedback on these new features and scan options.

Eli Scheetz

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1 Comment on "New scan engine that works better on large file systems"

  • On November 27, 2012 at 11:40 pm, Suzanne said:

    Dear Eli,
    I just downloaded your plugin today and ran my first scans. I can confirm that this division of quick scan and complete scan works: the quick scan noticed there was not enough memory and recommended the complete scan, which I ran and seemed to work well.
    I have one stupid question which I will post on the FAQ page ;-)
    Thanks for your plugin!


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