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  • Hey, thanks a lot! Just donated and wish it could be more b/c your plugin has saved me headaches I've read about thus far. I will recommend to my editor/webmaster to use on We are active in the blogger community, publishing reviews and once got hit with weird stuff from all the increasing traffic. (Thanks also for the reminder email, it was great!)
    -- Lisa

  • Really good job and great help for our website!
    -- Michael Rutkowski

  • Fantastic plug-in! Spent hours trying to track down the malware on my customers site. stumbled across this tool. BAMB!!! All taken care of. Will donate soon! Thank you!!!!!
    -- Ian R. Wilson

  • You saved me a lot of headaches - your work, the simplicity of using your plugin and your dedication are much appreciated!!!
    -- Michele

  • Just wanted to say that your plugin saved me from the hearth attack. Thank you so much, just donated $29.
    -- 34SAD ZNS

  • Thank you for this wonderful plugin. It even found threats that ImuneAV could not find!

    The best thing is that it removed them all without breaking my site.

    Well deserved a donation!
    -- Alex Kween

  • Eli, Thank you! I am astonished at your expertise. Incredible. This is better help than I could have ever imagined. I will be donating again soon!
    -- Lauren J.

  • Very usefull plugin. Thanks
    -- Aslıhan Kaymaz

  • This plugin works! I had malware on my website. Looked at a ton of different options. Just needed something NOW to solve my problem. This plugin did the trick. I immediately donated $29 after it cleaned my site. Great job!
    -- Felicia

  • Thanks for this great app you help my friends website who got malware injected via bluehost shared server!
    -- Nick Throlson