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  • thanks for your plugin + updates.
    goodhelp for my scamed website !
    thanks !!!!
    -- walt k

  • Happy to donate. Keep up the great work!
    -- Ama Davies

  • Donated $29, thanks for the amazing plugin! Cleaned up a very pesky infection that seemed to have slipped through.
    -- Kevin Mullins

  • Just want to tell you, you plugins help me again and again, finding the culprit. I have made the donation.

    Thanks for your good work and effort. You definitely help a lot of people like me.

    Thanks Sir!
    -- Fatso

  • Hi my friend, i am writing from Turkiye, my all sites hacked 7 months ago, and then my host suspended all my sites several times, i deleted all infected files, but i couldnt prevent.But one day i thought is there any plugin for malware, so i found your plugin and used.This is awsome, it protects me malwares, and i passed all virus check or security check sites, my site is clean, i am very appreciate.I will write an article in my native language, and i will say everybody to use this plugin.Thank you my friend, you saved my labors.Thank you very much, if one day you wanna come Turkiye, pls send me message...
    -- Seyyah Çelebi

  • Fantastic plug-in! Spent hours trying to track down the malware on my customers site. stumbled across this tool. BAMB!!! All taken care of. Will donate soon! Thank you!!!!!
    -- Ian R. Wilson

  • Awesome job! This is the ONLY plugin that was able to fix my site. Thank you!
    -- shawn

  • Thank you for this wonderful plugin. It even found threats that ImuneAV could not find!

    The best thing is that it removed them all without breaking my site.

    Well deserved a donation!
    -- Alex Kween

  • Thanks for a great plugin. I've spent the last few weeks tracking an infection on our main webserver with no permanent success. But your plugin has nailed the little bugger once and for all. Well worth the donation!
    -- Duncan E

  • Eli, thanks for the good work. Just donated a bit.
    -- Marc Fest