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  • Thanks To You My site Is Normal
    -- Mztar Lharrywizzy

  • Saved me a headache! Thanks Bro
    -- nick

  • Thanks so much for this plugin, I was finally able to donate $29+. After it saved the day on a website I voluntarily maintain, it helped me prevent potential problems on others. It has been the most practical, affordable solution for an insidious problem. Keep up the great work!
    -- Lois

  • Just wanted to say thanks again Eli, your free plugin saved our Xmas sales and your support on Xmas Eve was awesome. Have donated twice. Merry Xmas.
    -- matthew mayer

  • It's US vs. THEM. I'm glad you're on OUR side.
    -- davebach

  • Good scan & security plugin.
    -- JWSThemes Support

  • Thanks for a great plugin. I've spent the last few weeks tracking an infection on our main webserver with no permanent success. But your plugin has nailed the little bugger once and for all. Well worth the donation!
    -- Duncan E

  • Thank you so much. You are a lifesaver. :-)
    -- Greg Williamson

  • Eli

    Following my policy of making another donation each time the plugin detects and clears some malware, I have just made another donation.

    I hope other users adopt the same policy of supporting this fantastic plugin - surely each time it finds and clears up an infection is worth at least at least an hours pay?
    -- Will Chapman

  • Hi Eli,

    Your product is wonderful. It has helped our development work and kept our sites clean.

    Thank you! Please accept a small donation US$29
    -- Kenneth Cheuk