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Other nice thing people have said about this Plugin

  • Saved by butt. Excellent piece of software. Thank you!
    -- Steve Cagen

  • Thanks for the great work Eli. I am using your plugin in combination with BPS and my site is now malware free since the past two months... I have made a small donation to the best of my capabilities. Will come back and do more...
    -- Don Sony

  • I donated $14.88 for helping eradicate some viruses and backdoor scripts on my site causing redirects on mobile, and bluehost threatening to shut down my site for good if I didn't get it fixed. Your plug-in save my site, which is my baby. I've cared for this site since it's inception in 2009. I am forever grateful for the plug-in and will be a repeat user, hopefully not, but you know what I mean. Thank you so very much.
    -- Jonathan Silva

  • Really cool plugin, little donation and more when i will earn more money ;-)
    -- chris

  • Awesome plugin! Thank you very much!
    -- Sandy

  • What a great Plugin...
    Eli Thanks a lot for life-saving...
    -- Erez Ater

  • Eli,

    You have been a great help and I appreciate your plug-in and your accessibility. Thanks for your prompt responses. You were worth a double donation for sure!

    -- Ingrid Kaslik

  • Thank you very much! Your plugin rescued my website and saved me a lot of time by not having to use the backup to restore it. I did few other scans from some 'pro' antivirus plugins, but nothing seemed to work, and they ask for a lot of money to go premium with no guarantee that it's going to solve the problem... With your plugin it's different, I could test it first. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to send my donation too.
    -- Przemyslaw Jarocki

  • Hi Eli,

    Your product is wonderful. It has helped our development work and kept our sites clean.

    Thank you! Please accept a small donation US$29
    -- Kenneth Cheuk

  • I have just donated, your wonderful plugin found problems missed by Wordfence and now my site is super clean, many thanks
    -- Jane Akshar