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  • Awesome and helpful. Thanks. Made my donation as well. Continue this great work.

    Best Chris
    -- Chris Martens

  • Great work Eli,

    This is now a standard plugin for all sites, wouldn't be without it.
    We look forward to your continued malware protection, detection and removal advancements. Keep it up!
    -- Edward

  • Thanks for this plugin, never had an issue on any of my sites where this plugin is being used. It came highly recommended and I now know why
    -- igor Griffiths

  • Thanks great plugin
    -- Keyner Araya

  • Thank you! Just donated $50.00! You deserve it!
    -- Stewart

  • Donated - thank you for making this program, I will donate $5 a month as a thank you to you for doing your work.
    -- Philip Ferreira

  • Saved me a headache! Thanks Bro
    -- nick

  • Just started using your plugin and it already found some issues.
    Donation coming your way. Thanks!
    -- Juan Gomez

  • I tried and it was working good!
    -- khoi le

  • A+++ Donated $29, 3x just now. Your software fixed my issue. Best $90 spent!
    -- a a