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  • I just donated! Thank you so much for your wonderful plugin. I used to have so much trouble with my website and now I never have to worry. I appreciate all the work you do!
    -- Amie

  • Cant Thank you enough. All 10 websites I support were infected but thats in the past now thanks to ELI. Had to donate to a worthy course. Thanks once again.
    -- Henry

  • Just want to tell you, you plugins help me again and again, finding the culprit. I have made the donation.

    Thanks for your good work and effort. You definitely help a lot of people like me.

    Thanks Sir!
    -- Fatso

  • I just want to say thank you
    your plugin works so well
    It has saved my butt again and again
    I have just donated a second time because your work is so much appreciated
    I was about to give up and delete all my sites when i found your plugin
    My hosting provider wanted to charge some outrageous amount that I simply could not afford
    I will keep donating whenever I can afford to
    thanks again
    -- Dan Howard

  • You guys are incredible! Not only cleaned my website (nobody could) but scanned the all directory. I am reading your answers offering very personal support too ... It is not a very common attitude at a free plugin support.
    Thank you very much, I already donated, good luck with your business
    -- tere

  • Just donated $29.29. Thank you for this awesome plugin!! I'm not a web developer so my knowledge of cleaning up malware and whatnot isn't up to snuff with major players. Your plugin has already saved 2 of my websites infested with malware and backdoor scripts. The last website I scanned had 18 backdoor scripts and 5 malware. After running your plugin, it worked perfectly and cleaned everything up! I can't thank you enough!!
    -- Eric Hartmann

  • Eli,

    You have been a great help and I appreciate your plug-in and your accessibility. Thanks for your prompt responses. You were worth a double donation for sure!

    -- Ingrid Kaslik

  • Thank you for a great plugin. The depth of your technical expertise puts me and my clients at ease. Great work. Please keep it up.
    -- Norm Attarmigiroglu

  • Awesome plugin. my wp site was infectted. with this plugin, i have cleaned all my infected files !

    So i click on Donate button on the way !

    Thanks a lot for your work !
    -- claude charpentier

  • Just donated. Keep up the great work. :)
    -- Tom Thayer