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File Viewer and Fix Button Improvements

Published on September 21, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

I just released an update that makes the file view easier to use and the Fix Threats process much faster. I also added back the feature to revert your changes if the Automatic Fix ended up breaking your site. There were also a few other minor bug fixes and error handling improvements.

Stay tuned for more improvements and new features coming soon.

Eli Scheetz

Register multiple sites/keys to a single user/email account

Published on May 26, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

Almost two months in the WordPress Repository and already more than 5,000 downloads. There are still many upgrades I would like to work on to enhance functionality and add features but my time is limited and donations have not been sufficient to retain my full attention for this project. However, due to popular demand, I have just released an update to support the most requested feature. It is now possible to register more than one of your sites, with it's unique Installation Key, under a single email address. So all the site administrators who manage lot of sites don't have to register each site under a unique email address. You can also view and remove your Keys/Sites on the Members page of GOTMLS.NET when logged in.

I would like to encourage all those who are taking advantage of this Plugin to make a donation. I can't tell you how much it would help me devote more time to improving the software and releasing even more helpful updates.

Eli Scheetz

Now available in the WordPress Repository

Published on March 26, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

I just released my new Anti-Malware plugin for WordPress. It is still in BETA but I think it will be very helpful in removing malicious scripts and patching security vulnerabilities.

Please feel free to leave feedback and donations are always appreciated.