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I need your help!

Published on June 28, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

Well, this Plugin has been out for three months now and has been downloaded over 7,200 times. I've received loads of great comments and email about how well it has done removing real threats from people's servers. However, some people have had trouble getting it to do a large scan on servers without much memory. I have tried many different way of around this but there seems to be no easy way around this problem on some servers.

So, I have decided to take a different approach. I have started rewriting the scan engine and breaking down the scanning process into multiple executions of smaller processes. This will make for a more accurate progress bar, allow for better error handling, and run more efficiently on servers without much memory. So far I have stayed clear of charging out right for this plugin but, to be perfectly honest, I need to start getting more financial support for all the work I am putting into this project. I don't want to turn anyone who need help away because of their inability to pay. However, I have a family to support and this project doesn't pay the bills (but I believe it can). If everyone who has registered donated $12 dollars then I could devote myself to this project full-time and everyone will benefit from better protection for their site. I know some of you cannot do this but others can donate even more. Think of how much this plugin is worth to you and donate accordingly.

I will be contacting all of you who have registered, asking for your support, over the next month or so. I feel certain we can make this project a success without blocking access to those who don't have the means to pay. I've already gotten a fair few donations from ecstatic voluntary donors. One such donor I'd like to mention is Graeme Morris of socialidentitydesign.com who not only gave a generous donation but also designed my new Gravatar/Logo. He said: "Your plugin really saved my site, I really want you to develop it more."

Thank you all for your generous support!

Eli Scheetz

Register multiple sites/keys to a single user/email account

Published on May 26, 2012 By Anti-Malware Admin

Almost two months in the WordPress Repository and already more than 5,000 downloads. There are still many upgrades I would like to work on to enhance functionality and add features but my time is limited and donations have not been sufficient to retain my full attention for this project. However, due to popular demand, I have just released an update to support the most requested feature. It is now possible to register more than one of your sites, with it's unique Installation Key, under a single email address. So all the site administrators who manage lot of sites don't have to register each site under a unique email address. You can also view and remove your Keys/Sites on the Members page of GOTMLS.NET when logged in.

I would like to encourage all those who are taking advantage of this Plugin to make a donation. I can't tell you how much it would help me devote more time to improving the software and releasing even more helpful updates.

Eli Scheetz