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    both scans are hung at 103-104%… there are read/write errors, Quarantined files and threats..but the scan doesn’t seem to complete… hangs there…

    Would love any help you could give, as both of these sites were updated and cleaned last weekend.


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    Hi Eli,

    I just scanned both of the wordpress sites last weekend and they were fine and cleaned.  This is something new… 1 of the sites is so slow it won’t respond, the other seems fine.   I’m running scans on both right now (hosted at bluehost) and both off of the same account.  The site that blew up is showing 104% and seems stuck at this point (but I can’t tell)…

    I’d be happy to let you look at anything you would like but would rather not post details here…


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    Eli,  I’ve just started to see this message at the top of the screen when running the plug-in

    “Another Plugin or Theme is using ‘ZM5j2q0shf_callback’ to handle out buffers…”

    I have 2 wordpress sites (both on bluehost) and updated the plugin last week and it ran on both with no issues or errors.

    Any idea what’s happening… (I haven’t done any updates since the successful running of the plugin a few days ago)??


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)