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    I want to activate the XMLRPC blocker, but it won’t activate because of .htaccess permissions but it doesn’t say what the permissions should be. What should I change them to?


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    It just needs to be writeable by your webuser, usually 644 will work, unless the file has a different owner.


    Here is the message. Allow/Block XMLRPC Access ( Still Allowed: Failed to install XMLRPC Protection (.htaccess read-only: 869-rw-r–r–))

    The settings are at 644.


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    So then the file owner must be different from the user that your webserver runs under. Can you change the owner of the file in you control panel?


    I have changed the owner, but it still will not block. ( Still Allowed: Failed to install XMLRPC Protection (.htaccess read-only: 869-rw-r–r–))


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    what was the owner before and what did you change it to? Is it the same as the owner on the other files in your WordPress site? Are you able to use the built-in plugin and theme editor within WordPress, or does that also not work?


    I changed it in the cpanel. After that, when I tried to do it again, I now have the white screen. Changed the name of the gotmis folder and I have my site back. Changed it back and it goes white again.


    Now I can get to admin with it activated, but the public site is still white. Folder name has to be changed to get the site back. Just disabling doesn’t work.


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    I’m not sure what the owner setting are or what they are supposed to be on your server but it doesn’t sound like messing with that is a good idea. From your description it sounds like you changing the .htaccess files in my plugin, this would not help anyway, I was referring to the main .htaccess file in the root of your site, but please don’t make any changes to that file unless you know how to change it back.

    I will need more specific info about the permissions on your server and the directory structure of your site to help you further. It would make it easier for me if I had direct access to your site. Please contact me directly to get more help: eli AT gotmls DOT net

    Don’t post any sensitive data on the forum.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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