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    Hello, Eli I have a issue to my site when I try to view my site from any mobile device it goes straight to a site called some type of malware site but on the Pc my site works fine. I did install your plugin and it did find the malware and it did get rid of it and said it was fixed but I am still having the same issue can you please help. I don’t know what else to do.


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    Yes, I can help. Can you email me directly with your WP Admin login? FTP credentials may help too, as these conditional redirects can sometimes be hard to find. I’ll check it out and let you know what I find as soon as I can.


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    Thanks for sending me your login. I found the conditional redirect and added it to my Definition Update. After downloading the update on your site my plugin was able to automatically remove this threat.

    Please let me know if there is anything else.


    Hey ELi I am having problems on a few sites I have got rid of almost all the malware on those sites with your software. is working great and is malware free thank to you. But I have a few other sites that google has blacklisted they are still finding something but the software is not. If you can help me let me know….These are the sites.,, Lopezkarate looks like I’m going to have to rebuild im fine with that my main concern is the other too….


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    Hi Frank,
    Let me first make sure I understand the issues you are having on these other two sites. Are you seeing active redirects or spam links on these webiste or just the warning that they may contain harmful content?

    If it’s just the warning then that just means your sites are blacklisted. Google and others cache your pages and may warn visitors about malware that you have already cleaned up. You need to go to your Google Webmaster Tools and Request a Review of your sites to get them off the blacklist so that warning goes away.

    If you are seeing active malware on these site or Google Webmaster Tools displays infected URLs with a date that was after you cleaned them then you can send me your WP Admin login for that site and I will check it out.


    Hi Eli,

    I have the same problem. Redirects from mobile devices. I downloaded this plugin, got a number of “potential threats”, but don’t know what to do from here on.

    My site is:

    Can you please help?





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    Your Threat looks like it might be a new one. I don’t know if it is listed in the “Postential Threats” or not but my plugin can only remove it for you if it is a “Known Threat”. If you can send me your WP Admin login I can confirm where this threat is and add it to my Definition Updates so that it can be automatically removed.

    Please send login details directly to me: eli At gotmls DOT net

    Aloha, Eli


    Hi Eli, sent you the details two days ago from Please check. Thanks for your prompt response! :)


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    I just got your login yesterday and ran a Complete Scan last night. My plugin didn’t find anything but Potential Threats and those look ok, but I do get redirected when I go to your site in a mobile browser, so this must be something new. I would like to find this new threat and add it to my definition updates sot that it can be automatically removed, but it’s nit in any of the usual places. I will keep looking but I have been very busy and I’m swamped with requests for help right now. This is a volunteer effort for me, I only get paid by the voluntary donation made by people like you, I’ll do the best I can for you and I’ll let you know when I find this one.


    Thanks Eli. I’m sorry if i sounded impatient. That was not my intention. Just needed to know you received my login details. This is a great plugin. I am so relieved i now have ti on my site. Hope you find the offending malaware…. :)


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    I discovered that there was a malicious javascript redirect in the settings for the fancybox-for-wordpress plugin. So I installed my SQL Reports plugin and searched for the mfbfw value in the wp_options table and deleted it. Now your site does not redirect on my mobile device :-)


    Thanks Eli. You really are a genius. Am telling everyone i know who uses wordpress to install your plugin AND DONATE generously! I will be donating again, you can be sure of that! Kudos. and good luck for everything you do!

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