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    Hal Trammell

    If you can rectify my solution, I will be forever grateful. Also, plan on a donation today as well as monthly totals as well. I ran your scan on site and it found 1 known threat and fixed that. However, Securi says I still have this MW:SPAM:SEO lingering around.

    I’d like to spread the wealth around and give you guys a shot at fixing this. I have quite a few other sites that are infected with this same MW:SPAM:SEO thing. Would like to have the ability to get them all scanned and cleaned under one roof as needed. If you can help, I’ll donate regularly and try to send you all the business I can.

    I appreciate your help.


    Eli Scheetz
    Member caches their scan results. Try their “Re-Scan” button. If it still shows an infection then you can email me with your WP Admin credentials and I’ll find it for you.


    Hal Trammell

    Just wanted to let you know I figured out a fix for this particular issue…at least for the moment. LOL Ran sucuri scan again and now says clean.

    Sent you an email to the Anti-Malware Registrations email address describing the fix, Hope that helps you to help someone else.



    Hey Hal or Eli…I have the same problem. The MW:SPAM:SEO is showing up in Securi bot not in the anti-malware. It’s virus appears when I link my site to facebook or other social networking…it links their site and info instead of mine…very frustrating. Eli…if you have an answer, I have already donated and am willing to do so again for a fix. Hal, how did you fix your issue? Thanks.


    Hal Trammell


    Don’t know if my post made it or not, but if not, email me and I’ll send you the steps to fix this.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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