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    Thanks in advance for your hard work, dedication, and support for this plug in. Much appreciated. I will be donating. I am not seeing the ability to Repair files. I don’t see a quarantine/repair button in my dashboard after I run both the quick scan and the complete scan. I see several files in the Potential Threats box. Am I missing something? Thanks…


    Eli Scheetz

    Those potential threats are usually not malicious so you don’t need to repair them. Your site looks clean from the outside too so you’re probably ok. Do you have any reason to suspect that your site is infected?


    dan dishaw

    Eli, thanks for the efforts in your plugin. Your plugin has found three infected files but I can’t find them on my server to repair or delete. Please provide assistance and I would be very eager to make a donation



    Eli Scheetz


    Thanks for sending me credentials for your site. I’m glad I was able to remove the threat for you and I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything more for you about Google’s cache of your site. If you can please let me know how long it takes to for Google to re-index your site.

    Having a backup of your site on your PC could help if you need to revert files in the future. These kind of malicious PHP scripts are not like PC viruses. they will not execute on your computer at home unless you have web-server software on your PC and call up these local pages in a web-browser.

    Aloha, Eli




    Took me a minute to get back to you….yeah man I keep getting email notifications that files have changed within my site and I haven’t changed anyway that day. So I was getting worried. Also I just figured all those potential threats that popped up in the scan might be malicious. I’m super paranoid about website security I guess. But both you and Google say might sight is malware free so I guess I’m good. I just donated $25 for your efforts and hard work. Thanks man….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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