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    Hi Eli,

    I have just updated wordpress to the latest version and the latest version of you excellent plugin.

    Unfortunately I can no longer run the GOTMLS plugin from tools as it was previously set up. I have tried to run it from the plugins part of the dashboard but I get

    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Should I removed the plugin and re install?




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    It sounds like the update may have failed. WordPress may have gotten stick and left the plugin only half installed.

    I would suggest completely deleting the gotmls folder in the plugins directory and then installing from scratch.



    Just tried that and It hasn’t worked.

    Any other suggestions?


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    So, you have deleted the plugin and installed it again, right?

    I assume there were no errors when installing, so that you now have it installed but you are still not seeing it on the menu, right?

    Would you be willing grant me access to your WP Admin so that I can fix this for you? It would really help me to see it in your admin. You can email your login directly to me: eli AT gotmls DOT net


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    Thanks for the login. I can get in and it seems like I am an admin but I cannot edit my plugin. The plugin editor is not accessible. Is this a multisite install?

    If so, could I be made a Network admin to edit my plugin or maybe you can give me FTP access to the gotmls folder in plugins?


    It’s working now!

    Whatever you did fixed it.

    Good work!


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    It was turning on the plugin editor that fixed it. My plugin now requires you to have permission to edit files in order to use it (because it can edit files). I could add an alternate admin privilege to use as a credential for using this plugin, any ideas?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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