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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I ran your plug in behind sucuri and WOW!

    My question is , I know this is for wordpress, and I have about 10 sites all on one godaddy shared server. I ran your plugin on my main wordpress and I see it is running all my files :) how sweet is that? I do not even mind one bit for donating twice and will be a continuing to give for the years to come.


    My question is will it work on a file that is not wordpress? one of my sites is a Xenforo forum, that also does run on plug ins ( Hint you might want market to them if it works).

    So can I delete or automatically fix the other files from xenforo? or is this going to cause a problem.

    I do have back ups for the forum , but it takes all day to back it up and 4 hours to reinstall. Really big file. So far it has found approx 250 threats scanning my sites and at 82% at 175 minutes. VERY Impressive!


    Thanks again,


    Rod Harper



    P.S another question is can I repair the files in the middle of a scan. I noticed it says automatically fix selected files now and also has a pause button. I am well over 350 threats.


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    I don’t want to market my plugin outside of WordPress right now. I have found that it works best on open-source code. I don’t know anything about xenforo but some non-open-source developers use the same methods to encrypt or obfuscate their code as hackers do which could lean to a high rate of false positives.

    If you are not sure about the code in xenforo that my plugin has found then you should examine it or even try to decrypt it first to see what it does. If your don’t know what it is or how to do that you can zip it up and send it to my and I’ll take a look at it.


    Well it actually removed it from all the sites. 338 Threats. I did a victory dance and a sigh of relief only to see today all the sites have been breached again. Depression setting back in.

    Some of the sites my guy installed securi, Not sure if it is conflicting. The sites I installed yours, I removed the securi. But I do see yours is scanning securi as well :)

    I can see all my sites updated at like 3:45 am. but when you ope the folder you do not see anything, accept permissions opened on the config file to 0600. But it does not show it was edited, but I am sure that if I looked at the config file it has malware.


    Right now I cannot log into my main site again. I can fix the config file from a file I know that is not corrupt and scan it again.  I showed it isolated the malware, so I am confused. Tell me what I need to send you, or I can set you up to log into the main wordpress. What ever is easier.


    P.S they are also hacking my email and got me blacklisted 2 times so far. This is the most painful.



    I am running another scan on the main folder. It will take about 10 hours because of so many files, however let me know what I need to send you and I will.

    Thank you thank you thank you. I think you should get a medal for helping people like this.


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    Thank you, I’m sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble staying clean. It sounds like you have a lot of sites on a shared hosting server that is not secure enough to keep the hackers out.

    The problem with conventional shared hosting is that if any of those sites has a back-door or a vulnerability on it that let hacker write files to your server then they will be able to reinfect all your sites on that server as often as they want to. It is extremely hard to track down exactly how they are getting in and plug up every security hole and back-door they open, especially if you have a lot of sites on there. Furthermore, it is possible that they are getting in through a site on someone else’s account that is not even within your power to fix.

    I do offer Super Secure Hosting and I’m sure that would take care of this cross-contamination issue for you. If you would be open to moving your sites to my servers just let me know how many sites you are interested in hosting with me and I’ll let you know what it would entail.


    I have one dedicated server and  one shared on godaddy with 10 or 12 sites..

    I just got back from Dallas and moved them to a new host while I was out there. They have security and will help with everything.  Although I wish I would have seen this post before I did. Your software is doing scans really fast now. Love it!



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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