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    After a quick search for a suitable plugin to virus scan my sites I have chosen yours. Scan currently running on one site as I write.


    I have multiple sites running of my hosting account (shared server) and recently had my whole account suspended. I have worked with the host to bring the majority back.


    How can I proactively use your plugin to alert me to a compromised file/files? Can I use the one account held with you to install on all my sites (~20 sites)?

    I am happy to donate to protect my login page but will find donating for each site a little costly. Please advise on what you consider my best option.


    Kind regards



    Anti-Malware Admin
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    You will need to install my plugin on each site that you want to protect. You can register each site using the same email address so that you only have one account. Then you can donate from any site on that account and it will show up accross all the site on the same account.


    James Baker


    Fantastic plugin and I use across multiple sites.

    I recently donated through one of our sites, but the other sites do not register with a donation being made. I use the same email address to register (through the plugin settings page). How do I make sure the account is connected across all sites.

    Thank you and again awesome plugin!


    Anti-Malware Admin
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    You can login to with that email and go to the Members page (click the profile link) to see all the sites you have registered under that account. If you have registered other sites under a different email address then you can login to that account and transfer your registrations to the other account.

    If you cannot find what account was used to register a specific site you can email me directly.


    I have registered 6 shared sites under the same username and email but on profile it only shows the first. I have donated twice as well. Nevertheless, I still have an issue with one of the sites that gives me the error:

    Your Installation Key is not yet Registered!

    Why is this happening? I have tried deleting and re-installing the plugin but no luck. Could it be interfering with theme or other plugin files? Is there a way I can get round to it?


    Anti-Malware Admin
    Key Master

    Please email me directly with the sites and key that you are having trouble with and I will help you sort it out.

    eli AT gotmls DOT net

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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