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    Looks like my host blocked and the definitions update seems not to be working.

    Is there any way I can manually update it?


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    Clicking the “Download new definitions!” button is the manual way to update them and it simply POSTS a form with the update values encoded in that page of your wp-admin. How would your host be blocking that? Do you get an error message? Do they have a post size limit maybe?

    If you use the “Automatic Update” method that is available as premium feature then the update will be downloaded directly from my server. I’m not sure how your server could block that either without disabling all remote_get methods in your PHP version.


    I click on the “Download new definitions” and I see it is Uploading but it hangs in 48% and it keeps like that until it times out.

    The manual procedure I’ve asked is like downloading the definitions and manually uploading it to the server.

    It worked just fine yesterday.


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    It looks like both of your registered sites are up-to-date. Did you get it working or is this issue you are having on a different site?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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