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    I installed the plugin, which quickly identified 10 issues and then fixed them. Then the website began working perfectly…for about an hour. Then I did a rescan, same files showed up, and it deleted, website worked again for a while, then stopped. It appears that it just keeps coming back, even though the scan deletes the malware items on the list. Am I doing something wrong, should I try something different, or will I need a different solution than this plugin?

    Thanks for making this!


    Eli Scheetz

    It would seem that my plugin is not finding every vulnerability on your site. Are you fixing timthumbs or just known threats? Are you scanning the root of the site or just the plugins directory? Are you an a shared server? Maybe there is another site on your server that is reinfecting you.

    Maybe one of the Potential Threats is actually malicious and it is not being detected correctly. Can you send me a list of the Potential Threats?


    Eli Scheetz

    Thanks for the followup emails I’m glad the BETA version worked for you.

    I just release the finished version of that BETA with a few more tweaks for error handling. You should download and run a Complete Scan again. Let me know if the threats come back again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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