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    Hi Eli, I wrote you an email but guess this is the way to go. I think your plugin rocks but I’m having an issue. After scanned and supposedly fixed, minutes after , the web got hacked again. I’ve been trying to fix it. Re copy files from originals, rescan, at this moment is clean but afraid it could get hacked any minute. What would you recommend?




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    If you are getting reinfected with the same or similar threats repeatedly then the root vulnerability that let in the hack the first time is still there.

    If this hack is coming in through a server vulnerability or from another infected site on the same server then there is no plugin that you can put on this site that will stop it for good. You need to find the root cause, the source of the infection.

    Is this a shared hosting account?

    If so, how many sites do you have on your account?


    Hi! Thanks for your answer. It is a shared hosting account but it’s the only web site I have. If the root vulnerability is still there after cleaning everything (or at least thinking I’ve cleaned everything) does it have to do with wordpress? Could it come from a site that’s not mine?. If it’s a server vulnerability wouldn’t the hosting provider have to give me assistance?

    Sorry for so many questions but I’m sort of alone with this problem and I’ve tried everything that’s on my hand.

    Regards and thank you,



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    It may not be related to your WordPress install directly, it could be coming from another user’s site on that server, typical shared hosting accounts are not very secure.

    The best thing to do for the security of your site would be to move it to a more secure server. I do offer Super Secure Hosting for $12/month per site. If you just have this one site to worry about then you should just move the site to my server and be done with this. I have moved hundreds of infected sites to my servers and non of them have ever been reinfected again since.

    I got your other direct email so if you are interested in hosting with my you can send me your hosting details directly to my email and I can move the site for you.


    Ok thank you very much for your answer. This is not my site I’ll ask the client. We’re based in Spain so probably he would want to migrate to a local server. Still, can you send me the specifications of your services? I’ll talk to him and let him know the options.

    You’ve been very helpful.

    I’ll get back to you.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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