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    Hello,in the support forum there was a similar case: “complete scan freezesevery time”, it shows still all files to be examined and does notcount time, but says below, when I change to another folder: “Last Complete Scan started 5 hours ago and ran for 4 hours”, on the board it does not show thefiles being processed.Also the “Press this” of Word Press gets indicated as potential threat in the Quick Scan. The quick scan does not get completed, too.I have WordPress 3.9. Is that the problem?I tried to delete some backups because I thought there might be tomany files. My site is only 4 weeks old so I am fairly beginner, the site has only few pages.Aloha and mahalo!



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    Don’t worry about press-this, it’s a core file that is safe, it’s just shows up in the Potential Threats because it uses an eval method that some hacker use to hide their malicious code. I have not added it to my global whitelist for WP 3.9 yet but you can whitelist it.

    As for the Complete Scan “freezing”, there could be a number of reasons for this. Did the similar forum topic not an answer that worked for you?

    If it is staying on 0% and endlessly “Preparing” directories but the directories keep changing then you probably have a recursive symlink in your scan path. The easy work-around for this is to set your Scan Depth to a positive number (like 6 or 8).

    If the directories that it is preparing do not change than it is getting stuck on something. If it’s always getting stuck on the same directory you could try adding that one to the list of folders to skip to see if it will go on.

    Aloha, Eli


    Thank you for your quick replies!

    Since you discovered and corrected the problem with the plugin Easy Digital Downloads everything works perfect. Thank you so much!

    Your great support makes this plugin priceless!

    You are genius!

    Aloha and mahalo!





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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