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    Je vous contacte car j’ai perdu l’accès à l’administration de mon site après avoir tenté de récupérer une sauvegarde de ma base de données pour un problème différent.

    Veuillez noter que j’ai activé votre option de pare-feu pour la page de connexion. En entrant mes identifiants, je reçois un message 403 Interdit.

    Je suis très ennuyé et je ne sais pas quoi faire.

    Merci de votre aide.





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    The Firewall options in my plugin never return a 403 Forbidden message but only use a 301 Redirect to block bad traffic, so that issue you were having must have been caused by something other than my plugin.



    Thank ou for your reply.

    Today I still had to restore a backup of my database today and I got the same error.

    After consulting the errors on my server-side CPANEL, I found a fatal error whose path leads to your plugin.

    ” Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 55 + 2 seconds exceeded (terminated) in home/………/ plugins/gotmls/images/index.php line 855 ”

    Then, it took like 1 hour before I could log in.

    How to explain and solve this please ?




    Anti-Malware Admin
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    This error might have been logged when you tried to run the Quick Scan if there were lots of files in the scan path or it was finding lots of threats a the the scan was taking a long time and so was thus unable to finish before your server timed out and killed the process. You might try running the Complete Scan instead of the Quick Scans. Also, you could cross-reference the times in your access_log and error_log files and compare those to see what you were doing on the site at the time of the error.

    As the error suggests there is no php process that is allowed to run for more than 60 seconds so that error is not connected with your inability to login for an hour.

    My plugin also does not ban you from login in for the span of a hour or any other length of time. I suspect that you have some other security plugin on your site that is causing these other issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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