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    A site I help with http://www.newsatden.co.uk has sometimes started to through up 403 errors, a directory listing (the Devs obviously never disabled this) or the RSS for the page instead of rendering the page correctly. The strange this is that if you refresh the browser the page often loads correctly.

    My initial thought was that this would be Malware – but then I would expect it to redirect me somewhere else – but a refresh often brings in the correct page.

    A scan has brought up nothing obvious other then 5 inserts into some comments which have been moved to quarantine¬† so I don’t think my issues relate to this.

    Is this likely to be Malware that isn’t being found by GOTMLS or some other issue?


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    I see the directory index every time I load your site. I can’t tell if it was done maliciously or it your server is just not configured correctly, but it’s definitely not working. I don’t see any obvious signs of malware but it’s hard to tell when your site is not loading right anyway.

    I would suggest that you talk to Gridhost about getting your server configured correctly or move to a better hosting provider if they are not going to help you.



    Thanks – I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s a hosting issue too. Just need to convince the hosting company that this is the case!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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