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Actually the memory_limit value in the php.ini does have a direct impact on all PHP processes running through your website. So, if it says memory_limit = 256M then every PHP processes (including my plugin’s scan jabs) will be limited to 256MB of memory, even if your server has 32GB of physical memory installed. Whereas, other server side applications like ImmunifyAV run as stand-alone processes with full access to all the servers CPUs and could use as much memory as the server has if they need to to get the job done. please understand that my plugin (like every other PHP process on your website) is limit to the resources that your server assigns to it, and it does the best it can within those limits.

All those errors are certainly a troubling sign to my eye and I would like to help you solve that because I suspect that you may actually have some infected file and the scan is definitely being impeded in some way. The first 3 error on that list have suspicious output about the __wakeup function in the Videoframes class that is coded incorrectly and could be caused by a malware injection (or it could just be a poorly written plugin that is causing errors on your site). You might get more information about the source of this error in the error_log files on your server.

The fact that there were no Database injection found should be a good thing but perhaps you have reasons to suspect that this is incorrect and are hoping to locate scripts in the Database that you are sure should be there. Can you tell me where you are seeing evidence of an infection on your site so that I can take a look?