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Egor Ukoloff

Hi, Eli,

Here is the screenshot of the errors from that particular site:

As you can see all I got is the errors and no actual real scan results.

As for the speed. I don’t think or want to change anything yet on the server in php.ini. As I mentioned earlier, it takes about 5 – 10 min to scan the entire cPanel account not just one site with ImmunifyAV+

And takes about 2-3 hrs to scan my entire WHM account with a multiple amount of cPanels with many sites. So, there would not be an issue with the memory limit.
Also, the permissions for all those files marked as an error are 0644 just like all other files.
I only wanted to use the plugin to scan the possible SQLs injections.

I gave it another try now by checking just one plugin. It completed the scan fairly quick but is not showing any results unless “Found 0 Database Injections” is the result