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That is an interesting way to configure the scan. I’m not sure I have ever tried it like that and I don’t think it will skip the file indexing even if you haven’t selected any file type threats to look for (something I will have to make accommodations for in my next release). Regardless, it should not be taking that long. I can see from that screenshot that it is currently in the “Re-Checking” phase, which only happens if there are read errors on your filesystem, and there must have been a lot of them for it to push out the scan time that far. Perhaps you might want to increase the memory_limit in the php.ini file on your server to speed up the scan and ensure that the larger files can be opened and read. You may also need to check the file permissions if some of those files eventually show up under the Read/Scan Error section of the results (I see there are two there already in that screenshot).

I would like to help you figure out why it is running so slow on your server and find a solution to this problem but it is hard to guess at the cause from just one screenshot.If my above guesses were no help and you need more help from me you can email me directly with more screenshots or even send me a login to your wp-admin if you are willing to trust me with admin access to your site (I won’t break anything, just want to test the scan in a few different ways to see why it’s acting slow).

There is one more thing you could try. It’s just a workaround for the DB Scan if that is all you want, but I would still like to speed up the file scan for you. Anyway if you just want to skip right to the DB scan you can try selecting only a single small plugin to scan by clicking on the word “plugins” under “What to scan:” and then selecting a small folder like “gotmls” (see screenshot below):