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The Nonce Tokens are automatically generated and stored as a transient record in your wp-options table every time you load the page. If you got this message once it was probably a fluke or you let the page sit for a day before starting the scan and the token really did time out. But if you load the Anti-Malware Settings page and then start the scan right away and it a it gives you this error message every time then it means that there is something wrong with your database that is preventing the Nonce Tokens from being stored at all, and this also means that other settings stored in the wp-options table cannot be saved either.

Try to create a new record in that table, if it fails then check the error_log for any details that might explain why it doesn’t work. It might be that the Primary Key is not set to AUTO-INCREMENT or that the AUTO-INCREMENT value is it set lower that the highest value in the option_id column.