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You can click on the files listed on the scan results to see the contents and highlight the malicious code in those files that will be removed when you click the Automatic Fix button. After you run the Automatic Fix you can view the contents again to see that the malicious code was removed. If you keep checking those files and you find that they are in fact getting reinfected with the same threats sometime after the cleaning then you will need to look for the source of the infection or the security hole that is letting in this threat.

You should check the access_log files on your server to see what activity was taking place at the exact time of the infection (the modified timestamp of the corresponding files).

If there was nothing in your log files for that oresponding time then the infection is likely spreading from another site on the same server, possibly someone else’s site that is not even on your account. Shared hosting account are not sure and are one of the easiest ways for hacker to infect many sites with attack on a single vulnerability on your server.