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That first folder that could not be scanned should not even exist:
There should not be another blue folder inside wp-admin/css/colors/blue/
My guess is that it was skipped because it is a recursive symlink to the parent folder so it would be a needless infinite deep dir to go exploring that path. So You can look on your server to see what is in there but I would advise that you just delete it.

Also, a lot of the files you are listing should not even be scanned in the first place. I assume that you have modified the default list of extensions in the “Skip files with the following extensions” field on the settings page. This is not recommended, as those file types are skipped for a reason. There is no need to scan large binary files that cannot be executed on the server anyway. It is true that you could hide some PHP code in some of those files but it could not be executed without an include statement run from within a PHP file, that why my plugin will look for those malicious include statements.

So my plugin generally does a good job of finding the threat without wasting time and server resources searching non-executable code in large binary files, and you will find that the scans are much faster if you restore the default settings there.