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Ouch! Excuse me but I pride myself on the work I have put into this plugin, and you might see that it is working for thousands of other contented users. The fact that I offer this great work for free (or more accurately: for voluntary donations) does not mean that you should expect it to be junk.

Now, if you are having an issue with a repeated infection then perhaps you would like to ask for more help rather than just writing my plugin off as “straight up doesn’t work”. It sounds to me like it is working when you scan and clean the site, but then you are getting re-infected again and again. There could be other vulnerabilities on this site or other sites on the same server that are letting the hacks in after the cleaning. If you want to tell me which site your are having trouble with and maybe provide some details about the problem, or screenshots, or your wp-admin login (you can email me directly if you want), then I can provide more help.

Also, You should understand that there are many hosting providers that offer cheap shared hosting solutions that are fundamentally insecure and at some point it does not matter how many great security plugins you have (or how much you pay for them) because nothing can stop the spread of some malware on a typical shared hosting account once it’s made it onto the server. Sometimes the only solution is to move your hosting to a more secure host.

Anyway, if your interested in receiving any help on this please consider contacting me again with some details that I might be able to shed some light on for you.