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I’m not sure what file you would even want to scan that would be that large and it could cause performance issues on your server to scan a bunch of large files even if your server was technically capable of doing it.

That said, I have just release a new version of the plugin that allows for an over-ride of the max-file-size by passing the “oversize” value in the URL of the setting page. Well, I can see how that might be hard to understand so I will give you an example to follow:

If you are on the Anti-Malware Settings page then the URL in your browser might look something like this:

Just add &oversize=72000000 to the end of that URL, like this:

Important note: While this will effectively change the internal limit on my plugin for the maximum file size it will scan to around 72MB, it does not guarantee that your server has been configured to allow PHP processes (like my plugin) access to enough memory to process files that large, so you may need to also increase the memory_limit in the php.ini file on your server. You may need to ask your hosting provider how to do that if you are not sure. I would suggest a memory_limit of at least 4 times the size of the file you want to scan.

Also not: This change may also drastically reduce the speed of the scan but it will only be effective as long as you keep that custom oversize value in the URL of your browser. If you come back to the Scan Settings page from the admin menu link then it will be back to the default value.