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I think you still don’t understand me. So the simplest solution is to listen and trust what I said before:
“You should only change this setting from the default -1 if there is some specific reason that you don’t want the scan to hunt too deeply into all the sub-directories in your scan path.”

In other word, trust the default setting of -1 and don’t change it!

If you want to understand this setting more then I will reiterate the same point that I already made which already answered all of these question:

Question: do I use Plus or Minus numbers?
Answer (already given): “-1 is infinite depth”, but… Setting this to any POSITIVE number would restrict the scan from digging down into any sub-directory below that number. Again, don’t do this, just leave it on -1, but I say this again to help you understand the meaning of this setting.

Important: DEPTH has nothing to do with the number of domains that you have!!!
20 domain DOES NOT EQUAL 20 sub-directory of depth!!!

To understand directory hierarchy and the particular depth of every sub-directory on your server you need to think about the filesystem it terms of folder and sub-folder, not in any way related to what DOMAINS your have on that server.