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It is not uncommon for hosting providers to complain about users who run my plugin often. The fact is that it takes a lot of the server’s resources to run CPU intensive scans of every file on your server. Most of the big-name shared hosting providers out there make a huge profit by hosting lots of small websites on a single server and hoping that they get very little traffic. If any of there customers wants to use a notable amount of CPU ticks on a regular basis it can affect the overall load on the server and start to threaten that profit margin.

I don’t see any screenshot, can you please send me that via attachment to a direct email?

If you are seeing a “critical error” then there must be some important technical details in your error_log file. If you can send me that log file too then I can probably help with that as well.

When we get the scan working as it should then you shouldn’t need to run it all the time and they will probably not notice any significant impact in the future.