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That is a JavaScript error on your login page. I’m not sure why the JavaScript isn’t running on that page (you should check your error_log file to see what the problem is). I also see that you have a lot of other modifications to the login page, including some other protection plugins, maybe one of those are interfering. Regardless, the first priority is to get you logged in and my plugin is stopping you so you need to disable my login protection for now. Renaming the gotmls folder in wp-content/plugins/ would do it, I know you said you did that but somehow you didn’t because my plugin couldn’t still be working if you did, maybe your active website is running from a different folder than you think it is and you renamed the wrong folder.

Alternatively, you could disable the login patch by commenting out the first line in the wp-config.php file, just add // right before the if on the fist line, after the