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I am very sorry for the trouble you had with this plugin. I have examined the file in question and found that, while the method they are using to include this JavaScript code is improper and may not be save, it is also not malicious and I can see how my existing definitions of this threat would leave the wp-fullcalendar.php file broken with a syntax error. So I have corrected this and released a definition update that will ensure that this file will not be broken by any future scan/fix runs.

I am also concerned that the recovery link didn’t work for you. This is supposed to be a fail-safe that should ensure that any problem like this would be easy to revert and undo, even if it were to cause the site to crash. Can you tell me anything more about this? I can see that your server has some kind of firewall that appears to be blocking my plugin from employing the fix with a message: refused to connect.

I have never seen this before and so I’m curious about what server would be blocking my plugins response that would have allowed you to fix this issue. Is there anything that you can share with me that might help me understand why this feature is blocked?

I totally understand that you are not impressed by the awful experience that you had and I hope that you except my apology and my reassurance that I have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen again. I also with that you would have contacted me sooner, before you spent all that time fixing the files that got screwed up, because I would like to think that I could have helped you revert the changes without too much trouble and then maybe I also would have discovered why the recovery link was blocked on your server.

Please let me know if you have any more information for me or if there is anything else I can help you with, but I will understand if your lost confidence in me and my plugin is irreversible. And I thank you anyway for the information that you have already shared, a s it has help to ensure that other will not have this problem with the wp-fullcalendar plugin.