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Thank you for contacting me about this issue. I would very much like to find a solution the the issue you are having with the scan so I will need more information about this “comedy just”…

First, you have registered multiple sites on this account, which of your sites are having this issue?

When you say that it “cleans it and stops its work”, can you include if it gives all the indications that it has worked? Did you see all the following indicators:
1. Did it pop up a box to say “2 files fixed, 0 failed”?
2. Did it say “Success!” at the end of each file listed in the “Fixing …” results window?
3. Did it finish with Big green bar that end with the words” it worked”
4. Did it show a window below the green bar that starts with a green checkbox and the words “Tested your site. It appears we didn’t break anything ;-) ”, and then show a list of all the quarantined files?
5. If you got that far or if you can got back to the Anti-Malware Quarantine page in your wp-admin for me, then please let me know: are the items listed in the quarantine highlighted in Yellow or are they in Red?

A screenshot of any of these results would be very helpful, but if you can answer those 5 questions above then I will have a clear understanding of how far the scan and fix process got and can then help you troubleshoot.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to send me your wp-admin login for this site then I would be happy to troubleshoot the issue directly.