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I understand your disappointment, and I am sorry that you have had this trouble and that my plugin has not helped you solve it, but I am going to help you solve this and/or figure out how you can use my plugin to effectively solve this problem.

Those screenshots were very informative. I can see that the Fix is successful but I cannot see the quarantine in the little window below the fix results. I hear that these same files are found to be infected when you run the scan again so I need to see the Quarantine log to determine it the reinfection happens immediately or if there is a delay. Can you please send me a screenshot of the Quarantine page with multiple infections of those same two files repeated after multiple attempts to fix them?

I suspect that you might have cron job running which is setup to keep those files infected (in which case it will have to be stopped with a crontab command on the server), or else there may be an active PHP or PERL process running in an infinite loop so that it never stops replacing those files with the corrupt version (this separate process would also have to be stopped by a kill command on the server). In either case this is not the kind of problem that any plugin can manage without you login into the server’s command prompt. Do you have SSH access to this server or just a control panel login?

If I can see your Quarantine then I can make a better assessment of which one of these scenarios you are dealing with, and thus help you find the right commands to stop this rogue server process.