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  • I have never, in all my experience on the internet, found a developer so dedicated and so helpful as Eli Scheetz.

    The service that accompanies the use of this plug in is unparalleled.

    I literally can not recommend his plug in enough.

    More than worthy of any donation you can make.

    My highest praise
    -- Vanessa Roberts

  • Long time user, fantastic product. Thank you for putting so much effort into a tool that is free to use. I have donated and will continue to do so as is needed and as I build new sites for clients.

    Thank you again for the hard work and for sharing with the world!!! ALOHA!
    -- Edward Abraham

  • You have saved my websites, I can't THANK YOU enough. I will donate as I am able. Please continue this awesome work!
    -- T L

  • I donated $14.88 for helping eradicate some viruses and backdoor scripts on my site causing redirects on mobile, and bluehost threatening to shut down my site for good if I didn't get it fixed. Your plug-in save my site, which is my baby. I've cared for this site since it's inception in 2009. I am forever grateful for the plug-in and will be a repeat user, hopefully not, but you know what I mean. Thank you so very much.
    -- Jonathan Silva

  • Thanks To You My site Is Normal
    -- Mztar Lharrywizzy

  • As promised I donated 29.90 , I have migrated from my horrible old host company to a new one and now I having all my sites online and scanning!
    -- Agustin Juarez

  • I have barely used this plugin for 8minutes and I'm like wtf is this. This is the best plugin I have ever come across on wordpress and you really deserve lots of kudos for this. Do you do freelance work?
    -- Isaac Oyelowo

  • Just wanted to say that your plugin saved me from the hearth attack. Thank you so much, just donated $29.
    -- 34SAD ZNS

  • Great Tool - helped me a lot!
    -- Philipp

  • Thank you for your great work, has created a very good thing. I'll be supporting your work on sites that build. Greetings from Honduras.
    -- Walter Almendarez