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  • Just wanted to say that your plugin saved me from the hearth attack. Thank you so much, just donated $29.
    -- 34SAD ZNS

  • Your script saves our sites hours and hours of headaches! Please keep up the great work.

    With our thanks,
    -- GertieBeth

  • This app managed to do what my web hosting service wanted to charge $79.99 a month to fix (since they assumed I'd need round-the-clock protection). Now the malicious redirect script put on my site has been removed and I have a way to deal with it if it happens again.

    Thank you so much for this tool!
    -- Elbot Carman

  • Thanks great plugin
    -- Keyner Araya

  • Great plugin! Just donated $29. Keep working it !! Great plugin !!!
    -- Kostas

  • Fantastic plug-in! Spent hours trying to track down the malware on my customers site. stumbled across this tool. BAMB!!! All taken care of. Will donate soon! Thank you!!!!!
    -- Ian R. Wilson

  • Kaspersky got the alerts and your plugin saved the site tonight. Wordfence did not find most of the infections. Two nasty trojans + the gravity forms mess finally got it. Now Anti-Malware and BPSP are ON!
    -- WP-Worker

  • Long time user, fantastic product. Thank you for putting so much effort into a tool that is free to use. I have donated and will continue to do so as is needed and as I build new sites for clients.

    Thank you again for the hard work and for sharing with the world!!! ALOHA!
    -- Edward Abraham

  • Thanks for the really useful plugin, a tool that can protect us from very dangerous malwares.
    -- Noavard

  • Wow, this plugin works pretty well, as soon as I make a payment to my account, I'll make a donation. Worth it. Excellent work
    -- Geison Cruz