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  • Awesome application. Nothing else is remotely close!

    Thank you!
    -- Bill Bostic

  • Excellent work!
    -- Panduranga Reddy

  • Wanted to leave you a donation for your hard work and keeping up the good work.

    -- Brad Hamilton

  • Lifesaver! Thanks so much for providing this service. I just sent over a donation. Your product cleaned off the issues that I was having! Huge thanks.
    -- Chris

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just donated $25.
    -- Dawn Xavier-Franklin

  • Thank you for your product.
    -- Alcio Family Golf

  • Just donated to thank you for this brilliant plugin!!!

    Recently, my website was hit with some terrible malware after I installed a plugin.

    I can't bloody solve it.. it redirects all my traffic to some survey site. I contacted my webmaster to fix it asap but he has no idea. We even contacted external 'website rescue' services but they charge us a ridiculous amount of money and told us it 'could take up to 4 weeks'. Ridiculous, right?

    I was told to try this anti-malware plugin and found the root cause of it. Removed the malware-plugin that was responsible and our site is all back to normal.

    Thank you so much for this free plugin! My donation is a small token of appreciation. You guys rocks!!! Wordpress should publicly thank you for your hardwork and contribution to the community!

    Many thanks! God bless and have a great day!
    -- Health Internetwork

  • Thank you so much for saving my blog :-)
    -- Ryan Smith

  • This plugin perfect ! I donated.
    -- Yigitcan H.

  • The cost of the donation is well worth the product. People must remember, if people like Eli Scheets were not here, we would be paying far more for a product that expires frequently and costs many times more than your donation.

    Thanks Much Eli.

    -- James