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Other nice thing people have said about this Plugin

  • Just donated another $29, your plugin is the best! Will be donating more in the future:)
    -- Steve Melling

  • I dont have words to say! I installed your plugin together with Wordfence and Sucuri but only with yours i found the files and deleted the malware from my website!!! I donated you $10.
    -- Emmanouil Avagiannis

  • Eli

    Following my policy of making another donation each time the plugin detects and clears some malware, I have just made another donation.

    I hope other users adopt the same policy of supporting this fantastic plugin - surely each time it finds and clears up an infection is worth at least at least an hours pay?
    -- Will Chapman

  • Awesome plugin! Thank you very much!
    -- Sandy

  • Really cool plugin, little donation and more when i will earn more money ;-)
    -- chris

  • Thanks To You My site Is Normal
    -- Mztar Lharrywizzy

  • Just donated moments ago. Great tool. Got my server compromised weeks ago, and heard this program can prevent much of that.

    -- John Pentony

  • Thanks for the really useful plugin, a tool that can protect us from very dangerous malwares.
    -- Noavard

  • Eli,

    You have been a great help and I appreciate your plug-in and your accessibility. Thanks for your prompt responses. You were worth a double donation for sure!

    -- Ingrid Kaslik

  • awesome, I have used it
    -- andy