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  • i just wanted to drop a line and say how much i like your anti-malware. i run, a very simple site that is just meant to make people smile.

    recently, i was attacked by malware, and after several days and trying other fixes, i came across your software. i found it easy to use and most importantly, entirely effective!

    so i wanted to let you know, i just donated the suggested $29. thank you eli!
    -- Jennifer Rutherford

  • Eli,

    Awesome service - thanks so much.

    Saved my daughters blog... Hostgator tried to link me up with a service costing $99 per month!

    You deserve every donation and all the success in the world...

    -- Richard

  • Just donated moments ago. Great tool. Got my server compromised weeks ago, and heard this program can prevent much of that.

    -- John Pentony

  • Eli, thanks for the good work. Just donated a bit.
    -- Marc Fest

  • Thanks for the plugin... :)
    -- zack

  • Wanted to leave you a donation for your hard work and keeping up the good work.

    -- Brad Hamilton

  • Just donated $29.29. Thank you for this awesome plugin!! I'm not a web developer so my knowledge of cleaning up malware and whatnot isn't up to snuff with major players. Your plugin has already saved 2 of my websites infested with malware and backdoor scripts. The last website I scanned had 18 backdoor scripts and 5 malware. After running your plugin, it worked perfectly and cleaned everything up! I can't thank you enough!!
    -- Eric Hartmann

  • Fantastic plugin and support service. Well worth donating to. Thanks for the super fast reply and support Eli!
    -- TaraMacG

  • Works exactly as expected. I found this after beating my head against repeated infections of the same site. It found & repaired the vulnerability I kept missing (hidden in a legitimate file that I was sure I had previously replaced!). I will definitely use this with all my clients' sites. Thanks!
    -- Margaret Aranyosi

  • Just made a donation! Keep up the great work!!
    -- Robert Chow