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  • The cost of the donation is well worth the product. People must remember, if people like Eli Scheets were not here, we would be paying far more for a product that expires frequently and costs many times more than your donation.

    Thanks Much Eli.

    -- James

  • Dear Eli, thank You for Your help U are my hero, I have just donated 29,92 usd.... Regards, from Poland :)
    -- Hubert

  • Cant Thank you enough. All 10 websites I support were infected but thats in the past now thanks to ELI. Had to donate to a worthy course. Thanks once again.
    -- Henry

  • 1000 thanks for your wonderful job ! Just made a small donation. God bless you, dear :-D
    -- Nathalie

  • awesome, I have used it
    -- andy

  • If you're thinking about using this plugin, just do it! Not only is the plugin great, but the service is even better. There's nothing worse then pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your site is being blacklisted for malware from google. Within hours of using this plugin, I was back at the top of google and malware free. Thank you so much!
    -- michael schacht

  • Hi Eli,
    I have donated via PayPal. Sent you email.
    Thanks so much for this plugin.
    -- Vivienne Edwards

  • Glad to see you're still at it Eli. You've been a lifesaver.

    -- Jeff Pavacic

  • Works exactly as expected. I found this after beating my head against repeated infections of the same site. It found & repaired the vulnerability I kept missing (hidden in a legitimate file that I was sure I had previously replaced!). I will definitely use this with all my clients' sites. Thanks!
    -- Margaret Aranyosi

  • You guys are incredible! Not only cleaned my website (nobody could) but scanned the all directory. I am reading your answers offering very personal support too ... It is not a very common attitude at a free plugin support.
    Thank you very much, I already donated, good luck with your business
    -- tere