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Other nice thing people have said about this Plugin

  • Hi Eli,
    I have donated via PayPal. Sent you email.
    Thanks so much for this plugin.
    -- Vivienne Edwards

  • Grazie per il vostro supporto prodotto ottimo.
    -- caporuscio tommaso

  • Thanks for this plugin. Great job and very useful today.
    -- Victor

  • Works exactly as expected. I found this after beating my head against repeated infections of the same site. It found & repaired the vulnerability I kept missing (hidden in a legitimate file that I was sure I had previously replaced!). I will definitely use this with all my clients' sites. Thanks!
    -- Margaret Aranyosi

  • Just made a second donation. I gotta say man: you're awesome - and gotmls is an excellent tool. I'm a developer, so if there is a way I can help you out let me know.
    -- Ross Barbieri

  • Good work
    -- arwarinseo

  • Thanks so much for your help with your plugin. It was able to fix issues on my site that I wouldn't have been able to find. I really appreciate the work you put in to making such a valuable tool and I hope my $15 donation helps your project.
    -- Kevin

  • Thank you again Eli! I really appreciate you man! I made another donation because your plugin totally rocks!
    -- s bonneau

  • You have saved my websites, I can't THANK YOU enough. I will donate as I am able. Please continue this awesome work!
    -- T L

  • Thanks Eli. I just stopped by to make a donation. Keep up the great work on this plugin!
    -- Danielle