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Other nice thing people have said about this Plugin

  • Eli, thanks for the good work. Just donated a bit.
    -- Marc Fest

  • Just donated to support your work! Thank you thank you thank you. Looking forward to future releases and added functionality. Keep up the great work.
    -- Andiamo

  • Спасибо за скрипт !! Очень помог !! Успехов в развитии.
    -- Михаил Беляев

  • Thank you for your product.
    -- Alcio Family Golf

  • I just donated! Thank you so much for your wonderful plugin. I used to have so much trouble with my website and now I never have to worry. I appreciate all the work you do!
    -- Amie

  • Hi There Eli,

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for this plugin I donatede because 1 of my sites had 22 backdoors on it :o I had not a clue it had that many, all my sites were hacked thanks for this plugin and the genius of you and your team :)
    -- Eugene

  • Thanks great plugin
    -- Keyner Araya

  • Awesome plugin! Thank you very much!
    -- Sandy

  • Saved by butt. Excellent piece of software. Thank you!
    -- Steve Cagen

  • I had the famous "This website may have been hacked." appearing in my search results. Thanks to you, my site is now clean and the alert has been removed from the search results. I just donated too :) Eli, you really made my day :) :) :) I'm about to go rate your plug in 5 stars. You deserve at least 10.
    -- Craig Adams