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  • Awesome plugin! Thank you very much!
    -- Sandy

  • You guys are incredible! Not only cleaned my website (nobody could) but scanned the all directory. I am reading your answers offering very personal support too ... It is not a very common attitude at a free plugin support.
    Thank you very much, I already donated, good luck with your business
    -- tere

  • Thanks To You My site Is Normal
    -- Mztar Lharrywizzy

  • thank you for a great plugin, my webmaster suggested you and we run your plugin religiously.
    -- pearl pardee

  • Donated - thank you for making this program, I will donate $5 a month as a thank you to you for doing your work.
    -- Philip Ferreira

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing plugin on WordPress Plugins to easily run a complete scan to automatically remove known security threats and backdoor scripts from WordPress powered website or blog. It is helpful!
    -- Bobby

  • Thanks Eli, you rock!! Glad to know you've got our backs. I always install Anti-Malware and it always does the job, and does it well. I really appreciate all your hard work, and the fact you respond to questions in WP forums.

    -- Treebeard

  • Your script saves our sites hours and hours of headaches! Please keep up the great work.

    With our thanks,
    -- GertieBeth

  • Thanks for the plugin... :)
    -- zack

  • I was asleep at the wheel - too busy building WordPress sites for others and failed to pay attention to my own.

    Yesterday I had reason to login and was whacked with the big red Google Malware screen - scared the hell out of me!

    Got busy checking out the options for tracking down and killing the nasty stuff and after trying a few I found your plugin Eli - AMAZING JOB!

    Other plugins tell you there's a problem but don't make it easy to know where to look - your program pointed me to every single problem and then took care of it all for me.

    I now have a clean (and updated) site again thanks to you Eli - please accept my small donation along with my sincere gratitude for all your hard work!

    Mike Hancock :)
    -- Mike Hancock