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  • I have just used your plugins and it was so amazing . I will soon make my own donation. keep up the good work
    -- Senkale

  • I am a webdesigner and owner of and now days my clients are requesting Wordpress sites for easy expansion and the overall easy to manage plugins one of my sites got hacked and injected with a Trojan virus that turn my sites into a mess. I did my research and men there is a lot of companies out there that will charge you and arm and a leg for a service like this and not to mention the hosting companies turning their backs at you or offer expensive and worthless stupid dedicated technical support "NETWORK SOLUTIONS" that at the end they eat up your time and fix nothing. I am EXTREMELY GLAD i found Eli, i went and install the plugin and at first I was still having some difficulties and Eli step in to the rescue fixing the site within minutes. I am proud of authentic services like this that offer genuine services and back up their product 100%. From now on all my site will have this feature as part of their package. There is no words to describe I thankful I am for this outstanding service! Aloha Eli
    -- Baldemar

  • Two installations and two donations. Worth every penny. Eli's plugin found a ton of stuff Sucuri didn't find. Thank you, Eli, for building a great tool to help us keep our Wordpress sites secure!
    -- Gary Cope

  • It's US vs. THEM. I'm glad you're on OUR side.
    -- davebach

  • You're doing a fantastic job Eli and my sites are looking good.:)
    -- Peter

  • Hi,

    Nice plugin it worked for me perfect

    -- Srikanth M

  • thanks for great plugins..!!
    -- Jonathan

  • Just made a second donation. I gotta say man: you're awesome - and gotmls is an excellent tool. I'm a developer, so if there is a way I can help you out let me know.
    -- Ross Barbieri

  • Hello Eli,
    I heard about your plugin from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, and while I do not believe my sites are under or have been under attack, I am installing your plugin on the multiple sites I manage for myself and my clients. I just want you to know you are appreciated for all that you do!
    -- Jason

  • too good to be true, uh? LOL
    -- Marcio