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  • Hey,

    Just sent you another $50, hope this helps, cause this plugin is a real lifesaver. Also thumbs up on allowing only one email address for multiple sites.

    Please continue supporting this plugin!

    -- Vjatsheslav

  • This plugin is one of those I immediately install after setting up a new wordpress. It is easy to run a complete scan of the wordpress-site and the anti malware plugin even repairs infected files. This feature saves a lot of time, if many files of the custom-files in a wordpress-installation got infected. I am really happy that I found this plugin! Thanks Eli!
    -- Sir Apfelot

  • Thanks a lot for this plugin! My website has been recently hacked (through revolution slider) and your plugin helped me to check for damaged files.

    I really appreciate your great work! Donated twice (also from my other website).
    -- Tatyana

  • Thank you so much for saving my blog :-)
    -- Ryan Smith

  • Just donated to thank you for this brilliant plugin!!!

    Recently, my website was hit with some terrible malware after I installed a plugin.

    I can't bloody solve it.. it redirects all my traffic to some survey site. I contacted my webmaster to fix it asap but he has no idea. We even contacted external 'website rescue' services but they charge us a ridiculous amount of money and told us it 'could take up to 4 weeks'. Ridiculous, right?

    I was told to try this anti-malware plugin and found the root cause of it. Removed the malware-plugin that was responsible and our site is all back to normal.

    Thank you so much for this free plugin! My donation is a small token of appreciation. You guys rocks!!! Wordpress should publicly thank you for your hardwork and contribution to the community!

    Many thanks! God bless and have a great day!
    -- Health Internetwork

  • Thanks for your saved my small business.
    -- elaine

  • This plugin is awesome, I will definitely let my friends about it, thank you so much I just sent you a donation.
    -- Mauricio Fuentez

  • very nice
    i love to use this in sites as i am new i haven't use this before
    really awesome work by you guys keep it up
    -- shamiraz k

  • too good to be true, uh? LOL
    -- Marcio

  • Thanks for this plugin. Great job and very useful today.
    -- Victor