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  • Eli,

    You have been a great help and I appreciate your plug-in and your accessibility. Thanks for your prompt responses. You were worth a double donation for sure!

    -- Ingrid Kaslik

  • Hi Eli,

    Just wanted to say how much easier your plugin has made to my life & management of my sites! Malware was constantly being injected into my WP sites so much so that Blue Host shut 2 sites down twice. I'd no sooner get them cleaned and I'd be infected again. The amount of money I paid for cleaning and patching was astronomical. I am not a web builder or coder and clearly I was taken advantage of. I found your plugin through a search, installed on sites, (very easy) and now I run scans on my own, clean what comes and have saved myself a small fortune. I have recommended your plugin to dozens of colleagues and I thank you so much for making this available to techies and non-techies (me)!>
    -- Lois

  • Donated - thank you for making this program, I will donate $5 a month as a thank you to you for doing your work.
    -- Philip Ferreira

  • Excellent software..I really thank ELi and the people who made this great work..
    a great sigh of relief!
    -- Ratnakar N

  • Thanks so much for your plugin. It help me to clean a server.
    Donation made! Keep good work!
    -- javier ten

  • Thanks for your saved my small business.
    -- elaine

  • Great plugin - well deserved donation ($29) keep up the great work.
    -- Andy

  • Thanks for your plugin.You cleaned up our site fast and free.You deserve donations

    Best regards
    -- Arxontas

  • Just donated moments ago. Great tool. Got my server compromised weeks ago, and heard this program can prevent much of that.

    -- John Pentony

  • After struggling to find a hidden/corrupted file that was infecting my RSS feed, Eli offered additional assistance and was able to remove it for me!
    I can't think him enough for getting me back on line again!

    I've made a second donation, although your assistance was priceless. Thank you again, Eli!
    -- Jennifer