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  • Thank you Eli for your wonderful work! You and your software are truly a life saver!!!
    Please continue your awesome work and mission, it is so much appreciated by all who are and have benefited from your dedication and passion to help others. : God Bless.
    -- Jeff Rafael

  • Thank you again Eli! I really appreciate you man! I made another donation because your plugin totally rocks!
    -- s bonneau

  • You guys are incredible! Not only cleaned my website (nobody could) but scanned the all directory. I am reading your answers offering very personal support too ... It is not a very common attitude at a free plugin support.
    Thank you very much, I already donated, good luck with your business
    -- tere

  • Thanks for this plugin. Great job and very useful today.
    -- Victor

  • Fantastic plugin and support service. Well worth donating to. Thanks for the super fast reply and support Eli!
    -- TaraMacG

  • Just wanted to say that your plugin saved me from the hearth attack. Thank you so much, just donated $29.
    -- 34SAD ZNS

  • Eli, thanks for a great service. Another donation on the way
    -- Jeff

  • Thanks, I really enjoy your plugin. It save me soon much time, and money because I do not loose customers due to hack activities.
    Thanks a lot
    -- Seb

  • Thanks for this great app you help my friends website who got malware injected via bluehost shared server!
    -- Nick Throlson

  • A brilliant plugin with superb support. Well worth a donation, remember how difficult life was before you found this. Thanks Eli, appreciate the help, and I've donated a gesture and will do so again when I get can. Cheers, Edan
    -- Edan Keenan