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  • This plugin rocks. Thank you so much! This has saved me countless hours of frustration.
    -- John

  • Just donated. Keep up the great work. :)
    -- Tom Thayer

  • too good to be true, uh? LOL
    -- Marcio

  • Hi Eli,

    Just wanted to say how much easier your plugin has made to my life & management of my sites! Malware was constantly being injected into my WP sites so much so that Blue Host shut 2 sites down twice. I'd no sooner get them cleaned and I'd be infected again. The amount of money I paid for cleaning and patching was astronomical. I am not a web builder or coder and clearly I was taken advantage of. I found your plugin through a search, installed on sites, (very easy) and now I run scans on my own, clean what comes and have saved myself a small fortune. I have recommended your plugin to dozens of colleagues and I thank you so much for making this available to techies and non-techies (me)!>
    -- Lois

  • Just donated just under $15 bucks... Didn't really have it to spend but decided it was a massive priority as what this plugin has done for me is something that would have been a multiple hundred dollar investment with any other solution - I'm SURE of it!

    Thank you so much again, Eli; you're an angel! :)
    -- DebLiz

  • Thank you for your great work, has created a very good thing. I'll be supporting your work on sites that build. Greetings from Honduras.
    -- Walter Almendarez

  • thanks so much for this plugin, it helped remove a back door script which my hosting company could not find!! awesome
    -- Foamy Media

  • Saved me a headache! Thanks Bro
    -- nick

  • Eli is a living legend, this plugin is fantastic and the service from Eli that goes with it puts the richest corporate support in the world to absolute shame.
    -- Charlie

  • Eli, you continue to have my eternal appreciation for your work and this wonderful plugin!!! Thank you again so much for your time and willingness to be a help in this world!

    -- sherry b.