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  • Happy to donate! I was able to scan & clean 1/2 a dozen WP sites and not be muscled to pay siteloc to clean my sites -- every single WP install I had had been compromised, some in theme headers, one timthumb, and one backdoor. Your plug in was SO easy to use! THANKS!! Keep up the good good work! :)
    -- Tracey

  • Great plugin!
    -- Sam Hotchkiss

  • Thank you so much Eli for not only creating this plugin....but also your diligence to go beyond the call of duty to find a new hidden definition. I'll definitely be adding this to other wordpress sites and checking in regularly.
    -- Steven H

  • Thanks for your plugin.You cleaned up our site fast and free.You deserve donations

    Best regards
    -- Arxontas

  • Great Plugin.. Thanks and keep up the good work
    -- Jeremiah

  • Just Donate! Your plugin is ZUPER! Thank you very much for your help!
    -- Sylvie

  • Just wanted to stop by and let people know Eli is the real deal. I own and operate Reviewboard Magazine ( and we are in a weird spot in the food chain when it comes to product reviews. Because we do reviews on just about everything consumer related we fall into the mainstream consumer publication category of which we are actually the 2nd most popular in the United States. Go figure. We ended up getting a web STD and google crippled our website by putting up the malware stop page and listing our website as a malware site. Our advertising was stopped (Adsense) and things came to a crashing halt.

    NO ONE knew how to fix this situation properly and we tried. I posted here and ELI responded within a few hours. I trusted him and gave him admin access to our website and he did not disappoint. This man is a saint. He fixed the issue I was having with his plugin, he removed all the malware issues, and we were able to submit a request for review with google... it was successful and we are now back in action.

    Without Eli we would have had to rebuild our web server VMs, our database VMs and cut, copy and paste every article we had to make sure we didn't have any malware. This would have taken a month and hurt us badly. I can't tell you how grateful I am to Eli and his plugin. We are forever in his debt. If you haven't donated for this plugin, you should really go do that now. His time is worth every cent, and we will be donating regularly to help his efforts here.
    -- Review Crew

  • Just donated moments ago. Great tool. Got my server compromised weeks ago, and heard this program can prevent much of that.

    -- John Pentony

  • Thanks To You My site Is Normal
    -- Mztar Lharrywizzy

  • Been using this on most sites I run for a number of years now. Have pretty tight security with iThemes Security Pro and Wordfence Pro. On the odd occasion something slips through and gotmls cleans up the mess. Ran into major problems today on a new site for a client. After panic stations gotmls sorted the problem out.
    A must have piece of kit for every website I build.
    Five stars+
    -- Colin James