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  • I donated $14.88 for helping eradicate some viruses and backdoor scripts on my site causing redirects on mobile, and bluehost threatening to shut down my site for good if I didn't get it fixed. Your plug-in save my site, which is my baby. I've cared for this site since it's inception in 2009. I am forever grateful for the plug-in and will be a repeat user, hopefully not, but you know what I mean. Thank you so very much.
    -- Jonathan Silva

  • 80k files cleaned!! Wao! Thanks a lot!
    -- Carlos G. Varela

  • Fantastic plug-in! Spent hours trying to track down the malware on my customers site. stumbled across this tool. BAMB!!! All taken care of. Will donate soon! Thank you!!!!!
    -- Ian R. Wilson

  • Happy to donate. Keep up the great work!
    -- Ama Davies

  • Thank you! Just donated $50.00! You deserve it!
    -- Stewart

  • Awesome and helpful. Thanks. Made my donation as well. Continue this great work.

    Best Chris
    -- Chris Martens

  • Thank you for a great plugin. The depth of your technical expertise puts me and my clients at ease. Great work. Please keep it up.
    -- Norm Attarmigiroglu

  • Saved me a headache! Thanks Bro
    -- nick

  • Hi There Eli,

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for this plugin I donatede because 1 of my sites had 22 backdoors on it :o I had not a clue it had that many, all my sites were hacked thanks for this plugin and the genius of you and your team :)
    -- Eugene

  • I love your plugin! We do WordPress support for many sites and your Anti-Malware plugin has saved us again and again when we have to clean up a mess. Keep up the great work and I'll keep those donations coming.
    -- Doc