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  • Thanks so much for your hard work - really appreciated . I have donated to the cause - keep up the good work!
    Happy New Year,
    Ruthie Phillips
    -- Ruth Phillips

  • Hey, thanks a lot! Just donated and wish it could be more b/c your plugin has saved me headaches I've read about thus far. I will recommend to my editor/webmaster to use on We are active in the blogger community, publishing reviews and once got hit with weird stuff from all the increasing traffic. (Thanks also for the reminder email, it was great!)
    -- Lisa

  • Hey Eli,
    I am very grateful to you for this PlugIN, so I do not have to program it.
    I know how complex it is and how much time you spend with it.
    Leave it please free of charge and let the people donate, I have also just done that.
    Just because it's worth it to me, really, THANK YOU!

    Kind regards
    from Berlin
    -- Mirco

  • Glad to donate. I will be using your plugin on my clients sites as well and will continue to donate to your hard work.
    -- Holly Powell

  • Thank you for your product.
    -- Alcio Family Golf

  • Great plugin which help me to save a lot of time ! Cheers from France.
    -- Bastien

  • I have never, in all my experience on the internet, found a developer so dedicated and so helpful as Eli Scheetz.

    The service that accompanies the use of this plug in is unparalleled.

    I literally can not recommend his plug in enough.

    More than worthy of any donation you can make.

    My highest praise
    -- Vanessa Roberts

  • Thanks so much for this plugin, I was finally able to donate $29+. After it saved the day on a website I voluntarily maintain, it helped me prevent potential problems on others. It has been the most practical, affordable solution for an insidious problem. Keep up the great work!
    -- Lois

  • Hi, thanks for the brilhant jobs. I donate 15 USD for you. Continue with this. You save more people with this.
    -- FLavio

  • Eli, Get these Fresh Comments on Top, We just made another $50.00 Donation and will make another $50.00 donation in 3 - 5 days.

    This expanded protection is critical, and you have been a blessing.

    I hope people realize the time and effort you have put in and learn to appreciate its value with contributions
    -- Tommi